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I fell off the fence. I just could not resist. Will report back when my preamp arrives.

I have a 12 by 10 room in which I use Spendor LS3/5A speakers with my Inspire Firebottle. At the moment I am using KT-150's with great results. I have swapped a bunch of different preamps in and out of this set up but I am really looking forward to hearing the 3.1 Ultra.

My 3.1 Ultra arrived. I am really bowled over by this preamp. It is the perfect match for my Firebottle with KT-150's.

The most obvious thing one hears is that there is a lot more energy in the higher and lower registers. Drum brush strokes and guitar fingering are much more clearly heard but not in an exaggerated, artificial sense. Listening to classical guitar recordings, one is aware of the musician's fingers moving on the strings. This is not a distraction from the music but rather what one would hear in a concert.

Bass players in jazz combos are also more prominent in the mix. Given my low sensitivity speakers, there is not a tremendous amount of bass energy but what is there is very satisfying in my 10 by 12 room.

Musicians are presented in a wide and deep soundstage. Each performer can be heard in a near-holographic state. The impression above all is that these are living, breathing performers.

The DACT attenuator takes a bit of getting used to but it works fine in tracking the two channels. I think that this is one of the factors in the preamp's superb transparency. I love the minimalist design and the color as well. I would give this a high WAF.

I am really enjoying discovering new things on my favorite recordings with this outstanding preamp. Highly recommended!
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