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Originally Posted by Grasshopper View Post
I LOVE this post! Serge, you are on to something.

I HATE parking my Porsche, and it's not 1/2 as nice as the cars you've had in your stable. In fact, after I bought it, I remember riding in my wife's older SUV with all the mess from kids in the back and actually feeling relieved, free from worry.

Many times I miss my Honda S2000, which produced a cool 240 HP in a small go-cart package.

I LOVED that car...

The only reason I traded "up" to the BMW M3 was so my kids could enjoy with me.

Once I had my 3rd son, we sold it as we became a 5 person family and a 4 passenger anything didn't make sense.

Now that my youngest is old enough to enjoy, we got the P-car.

My taste for "more" is fading, and I much prefer to "feel" like the car is fast, rather than have a car that actually is fast.

I'm a go-cart guy at heart for sure.

When my kids get old enough to be front seat passengers, I could see another 2 seater in my future...and "upgrade" to a less expensive car that is all about the experience.

I thought I wanted a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, but that desire is fading because I would worry about parking, and the miles I'd be adding to the car.

The "worry" takes away from the experience for sure-
I fully understand the desire for exotic cars. Probably not much of what I said would convince many until they get to go through the motions themselves. Thatís obvious and logical. Not everyone would agree either, plenty of people love collecting exotic cars. Judging by the mileage, they donít get to enjoy them much other than polishing them in their garage.

Itís whatever turns you on as they say. Iíve tried it, fortunate to say Iíve had that opportunity but honestly speaking it was never my thing to neither draw attention, which I hated by the way, plenty of people do not have a positive emotion when seeing an exotic car on the road, nor to have them sit in my garage as a collector.

Contrary the popular belief that people look at the exotics with admiration, Iíve had nearly as many middle fingers flicked at me as thumbs up while driving a Ferrari.

No-one notices my Miata RF but I get nothing but a friendly wave from other Miata owners or the obligatory ďheadlight raise/saluteĒ from the first gen Miatas with pop up headlights.

The rest I already covered in the other post.

The S2000 was indeed a fantastic little roadster. A bit more of a handful than say a Miata with itís happy tail tendencies but in the more skilled hands it was a blast. Iíve never owned one but drove my friendís S2000 many times. He sold his Porsche 924 and S2000 and kept his Acura NSX in the long run and itís been over 20 years now and 175k miles of nothing but driving the wheels off the NSX. Zoom zoom...
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