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Originally Posted by mulveling View Post
Yes, I got 4x of the 1.3" spacers for the speaker fronts, plus 2x of the 0.3"spacers for the backs. This gives 1" of tilt, which is just about right to aim the tweeters level at my ears from the seating position of ~ 9 feet from each speaker. It snaps the sonic image into better focus, as Tannoys tend to like a good deal of toe-in - and this includes the vertical axis (symmetric dispersion). You will get a bit more treble energy as well, which may either be a boon or a bust depending on your Tannoy model and system balance. I'm currently grappling with a just little too much top-end energy myself, but don't want to give up the other benefits of the tilt, and the energy adjustment of -1.5dB on the crossover is just way too much.

The stock brass cups and black metal cones of the Canterbury GR fit right inside the lip of an HRS spacer, but you could probably forgo the brass cups. I think the overall "footer" stack looks very nice. I DO NOT like the look of Canterburys, or any other Tannoy floorstander, on custom stands. I think it always clashes badly with the gorgeous cabinets, even if made of the same walnut material.
Thanks for the information!
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