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Originally Posted by ChrisAnthi View Post
thanks a lot scaudiophile. i need some help... i bought a pair of sinhonia's and i would like to ask what is the best shindo preamp to pair them with. thanks

I've never had the opportunity to own a pair of Sinhonia's but have upgraded on both sides of the Shindo preamp and amp equation and my answer would be whatever your budget allows you to start at. That being said, I never once did not enjoy my Shindo "travels" from a Monbrison to Masseto to Vosne Romanee preamp and from a EL34 Montille to a Cortese to my present day Lafon WE300B monoblocs and I have a greater appreciation for the current state of my system having taken these progressive steps. It's like eating a great multi-coursed meal paired with great wine. Each flight/course is awesome with nuances and subtleties that keep progressing forward and upward.

Happy Listening to you and your journey!
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