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Default Listening to the Kii Three BXT System at Gydotron, Antwerp - Oct. '19

Earlier this month, I took the opportunity to listen to the Kii Three BXT System.
I had already heard the Kii Three without bass module, but read in Jacques' review the full blown system was really something.

I can't equal Jacques' reviewing style, but I'll do my best to give my impressions.

The demo took place in the rather small demo room in the Gydotron store.

I first thought a speaker system like this, with 7000 Watts on tap, would easily overpower the room.
But I was pleasantly surprised.
Yes, you can enjoy the Kii Three BXT in a small room!

We listened to some tracks that Bruno Putzeys himself chose to demonstrate the qualities of his creation.

First was a track of the excellent bass player Christian McBride. A solo piece.
The instrument sounded very lifelike.
Detail aplenty, the plucking of the strings very present.
The dynamics of this speaker system are enormous.
You never get the impression you will run out of steam.

Next: Fanfare for the Common Man, from Copland.
The full orchestra came through in a stunning way.
Soundstage very much okay, differentiation of instruments splendid.
Those who often attend live classical concerts know what I mean that a symphonic orchestra can have quite an impact.
Well, these speakers get you very close to that experience!

The sound of this set is rather forward, like Jacques wrote in his review, but absolutely not in an unpleasant way.
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