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Originally Posted by thughes View Post
Thanks for the detailed explanation. I'm in the same position. The home AC cannot cool the whole house and the HT. The HT suffers.

In my case, the unit would probably have to be placed in the front of the room to the left of the screen.
It would probably be about 10 feet from the nearest seating position.
Based on what you say then you would be really close to our sitting distance.

And just so you know you can actually adjust the two (2) sets of Air Louvers as well as adjust the Up & Down positions.
So you can move the Cold-Air away from you and it will easily cool the HT room down.
Assuming they install a sufficient Tonnage-Unit.
I'm not positive but I think the Samsung might be a 1 1/2 Ton Split-Unit in my HT.
Size of my room if you wish to compare to your's.

(1) Center of ceiling is, 9 feet

(2) Length of room is, 23 feet 9 inches

(3) Width of room is, 19 feet 7 inches

Also, keep in mind that these units come in a (WHITE) Finish !!!
That usually means they would definitely NOT blend in well, period.
My HVAC Company worked with me and my Samsung was taken apart and taken to a Body-Shop and Sprayed a Flat-Black-Finish.
So it does not Reflect into the HT at all.

I do know what you speak of on the Home HVAC Unit not able to cool Both areas off the one unit.
I have a 2-story home and my HT was cooled from a (Damping-System) off the up-stairs HVAC unit.
I can tell you here where I live in the Mid-Summer it can reach 100-degrees plus sometimes.
There is No-Way that upstairs unit would cool it, impossible even with New HVAC Units.

So, I had a long talk with the Manager over the HVAC part of Hiller and that's when Chris (Mgr) said Terry I have the permanent solution.
He came out with two other managers to see exactly what was going on with the HT and the ongoing Heat issue.
Since I had been doing business with Hiller for many-many years they called Jimmy Hiller Senior (Owner) and Jimmy said install it under Warranty.
They did their thing and all has been A-OK every since.

Here are some pictures of the Super Efficient HVAC units for up-stairs & downstairs.
They are both 3-Ton Units and State of the Art in Performance.
Then there are the two Split-HVAC units, one for the garage and one for the HT.

I got tired of Burning-Up or Freezing in the garage so also took care of that all at the same-time.

Up-Dated June 2020

Pre-Amp Processor: Marantz AV8805
Blu-Ray Player: New ... Panasonic UB9000 4K Blu-ray player
Roku: New ... 2020 Ultra 4K Streaming Player
Projector: JVC RS4500 Laser
Screen: New ... Stewart StudioTek 130 G4 123" 16x9 W/4-Way Remote Masking
Speakers: JM Lab Utopia Mezzo Front, Center Utopia, Side Utopia, Rear Mini Utopia
Atmos New ... 6 Triad Custom Repeat Gold 8 Mini Monitor Plus in-ceiling speakers W/Matching Black Grills
Subwoofers: New ... 4 SVS PB-4000 Subs, Soundpath Isolation Feet, Black-Super-Sliders
Cables: Transparent TW Plus w/Plus Bricks
New ... Atmos in-ceiling 6 speakers W/Transparent in wall 10-2 Audio Cable
Amps: Classe', 2-CA201, 3-CAM350
New ... ATI AT526NC 6 Channel Amp for 6 Triad Atmos in-ceiling speakers
Power: All Separate 20-Amp Circuits W/Dedicated Hospital Grade Receptacles
New ... 2 New Additional Dedicated 20-Amp Hospital Grade Circuits for Atmos
Power Conditioners: 1-Richard Gray RGPC-1200S, 7-RGPC-400S
Panamax: MB1500 Back up Power Unit for JVC RS4500
ATM: (Active Thermal Management)
Eaton: Surge Protector
CRITEC TDX100M: New ... Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor
Cooling: 3-sets of Z-Fans, Cool-Stack I, Suncourt Variable Speed Thru Wall Fan
Mid Atlantic: Track 50" rack slide out
Sanus CFR1620: Rack W/Middle Atlantic 4-Post H/D Shelves
Room Acoustic: Acoustic Innovations panels
Seating: Ekornes Stressless Wave
Area Shag Rug: New ... Liliah Deep Black Low-Shag by Andover Mills 12' x 15' Rectangle Area-Rug

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