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Default tigerhonaker's Home Theater phase # 1of being Up-Dated August 2018 ...

I really like the changes youve made - it will make a big difference in you movie-watching experience. Seating ~12 ft from the screen is definitely not to close.

Im sitting 11 from a JVC RS-500 and that is not too close at all - very comfortable and immersive. My screen is 106 diagonal 16:9.

Getting rid of visual distractions in the front will make the images on your screen float in front of your eyes.

Just beautiful.

Going flat black will definitely increase your contrast ratio to get the most out of whatever projector you choose.

Moving the seating to the middle of the room will put you in a bass null but your tech can figure out how to deal with that. Id be ready to be flexible with sub placement.

I think Atmos is a game changer but Im not yet ready to make the jump either.

Thanks for posting all the pics - really makes things clear.

Good luck!

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