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Originally Posted by Dawgneck View Post
I finished reading your WireWorld cable thread, Randy.

I'll have to get a SBA (Sonic Betterment Achievement) loan first, but I think I'll jump in as well....

I would like to hear more on the SignalCable, especially from someone with experience with both.
Ray, I am afraid that I am not going to much of a resource for you. I have not heard SignalCables, nor the PS Audio line conditioner, nor the speakers you listed. I am very pleased with my Shunyata Hydra, which is fed by a Shunyata Black Mamba CX HC, and to which a number of WireWorld Silver Electra 5.2 power cords are connected.

As to the SBA, there is no need to jump in that deeply. While I am a huge fan of WireWorld Silver Eclipse 6 IC's and SC's, there are surely not the only good cables. In the past, many people matched Cardas Golden with BAT (looking for a warm sound). I was almost into a Shunyata loom, but ultimately went WireWorld.

Depending on what you have now (or do not have), you might want to go with Kimber 8TC speaker cables and Kimber Hero interconnects, just to get your feet wet. They are a very solid bang for the buck value and have good resale. And they are not nearly as pricey as WW Silver Eclipse 6 (and to be honest not as good either).

Let us know what you pick and how it worked out.

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