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---- 6moons audio reviews: ModWright's OPPO 105 mod


* Jim, that guy I know, with his ModWright Oppo; tubed, with the separate outboard power supply (Audio Magic 9.0 - 9.9), the Bybee Music Rails, upgraded (rolled) tubes (PSVANE and NOS tubes; Philip s.), said that he prefers it over his previous Wadia ($18,000), and his previous Burmester ($32,000). ...His total cost: $3,500-4,000

** John Curl, yes the famous amplifier's designer man himself, said (on the Oppo BDP-105), that it is the best player of its type that he has ever heard, including Headphone listening and SACD.

-> And Hedwig, just above, can confirm what I just said as being accurate (without providing direct links).

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