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Originally Posted by jdandy View Post
Joe.......What I find startling about the ModWright 105 modification is the nearly triple increase in price over a stock BDP-105. He takes a $1200.00 universal player, modifies it and tacks on an additional $2300.00.

Thinking about that, if the ModWright modification to your Music Hall CD-25 had tripled it's price, I wonder if you would have still been willing to make that purchase 10 years ago. In my mind, Dan's uptick in price for his work on the BDP-105 is substantial, especially when you consider he has no investment in the design or build of the BDP-105 beyond his circuit mods. My comments are not to be construed as a knock on Dan's work or talent as an audio engineer and designer. It is simply my impression of the cost of the player after his modification.
Hi Dan,

You're right. The Response Audio RAM Signature CD25 (the ModWright/Music Hall CD-25) was only $1,400 which is about 2 and 1/3 the price of the stock CD-25 ($600) while the ModWright Oppo 105 is triple the price of the stock 105. I think the fact that the current tube mod also includes a separately housed power supply contributes to the additional cost.

I'm not trying to be an apologist for ModWright. I'm sure there are fine players out there, especially on the used market, for the same cost. My point was simply that while not a small investment, the all-in cost of the unit would be competitive with similarly priced players at the very least. It always boils down to system synergy and individual taste so there's no hard and fast rules.
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