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A week or so, I received a PM on another forum from a fellow audiophile that lives very close to me. After a few exchanges, we decided to do a ‘home and home’ exchange.

Today, Jeff (JGlacken) spent a few hours with me. It was a very enjoyable way to while away the chilly hours by sharing a love of music and talking about equipment. Both agreeing that we don’t have a lot of people we can speak to ‘live’ about our hobby. We share many interests in common and have lots of things to follow up upon. Golf being near the top of the list.

My room sounded pretty good to me but not quite what I had in Pennsylvania. Jeff was helpful in reinforcing what I thought was working (staging) and tempering my concerns around some low end blooming. My measurements show a big bump (+9dB) at 56hz. I can hear it on some notes of some tracks but not always. I will still work on it with the CR-1 I just received.

Jeff is considering moving on from his Magico S5s and perhaps his unique and rare Oasis Class A mono amps. We will repeat our listening and talking at his home later in January after he completes some travel. I am anxious to hear the Magico Sound.

Good time!

Thanks for coming over Jeff and welcome to AA!

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