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Originally Posted by j3brow View Post
You’re missing the point.

PS Audio’s own description compares the completely redesigned P20 to their previous flagship regeneration products with descriptors of ......

“coupled with twice the energy storage, half the output impedance, and double the regulation of any Power Plant ever built”

In order to achieve this doubling of energy, half impedance, and double regulation, it will cost double the cost of what they are comparing it to without saying, the P10.

I would imagine the new P20 is a breakthrough in regeneration power and is worth the price of admission. But it still costs double the price of previous generation flagship model with double the performance. I loved my P10s when I owned them would consider PS Audio again in the future. Great stuff!!
Ah. Well don't worry... The new p10 is coming and will be 50% more than the previous one, so the p20 will only be 50% more than that! [emoji48]

Actually the p20 will be 33% more than the new p10 I guess.

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