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Default My Headphone Amp by Peeves

I would like to tell you about my Headphone Amp, it's worth.

Form-factor: smaller than midi (90mm(H) х 228mm(W) х 380mm(D), weight is 4 kgs about.

Output power: 5 Watt on channel in class A (!) on nominal 16 Ohm.

2 capacitors of british AeroVox are located in PCB, each one - 10 000 mkF.

Amp was made in 1 copy, so I have full exclusive.

Name of Amp: Hi-Power

Manufacturer: Peeves (Ukraine, Lugansk City).



Transformator r-core 30W
Schottky diodes
Capacitors ClarityCap ESA, RIFA Evox
Capacitors electrolityc AeroVox, Sanyo OS-CON, SIC-SAFCO
Resistors TAKMAN carbon films
Var resistor (РГ) TKD
Transistors Toshiba, Hitachi
Solder Cardas
Signal cabling AudioQuest
Connectors RCA Yarboo
Connector 1/4" stereo jack silver Shadow (Germany)

Description of System you may find in my Blog in any review on English or here.

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