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Originally Posted by Mouse View Post
I'm not very educated on the topic, but doesn't JVC not have a 4K projector? I thought they only did Feaux-K?
My local installer didn't want to put an HDMI in my home theater projector which I'm in process of designing. They want to put optical to HDMI converters with running optical. They said it will be much cheaper and much better performance.

I'm in the market for a 675 Sony which is a true 4K, but it doesn't even fully support 18 Gbps from what I'm reading in forums. It's more like 10-11.
JVC does have a native 4K projector, the DLA-RS4500 although it runs a cool $34000 retail . The rest of their standard projector line is of the 4K eshift variety. Mixed feelings on the eshift as I have one.....some things may look a touch better with it engaged but I usually leave it turned off.

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