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I recently did a evaluation/comparison, for a video only feed, of a AudioQuest Carbon 10m passive cable rated at 600mhz/18gps and a Monoprice Carbenet 40' active cable also rated at 600mhz/18gps. The test was setup between a Samsung K8500 4k Blu-ray player in a direct feed to a Sony VPL-VW5000ES 4k laser projector. I also generated various test patterns, with a Quantum Data 780 generator directly to the Sony. The projected image was on a 155' diagonal 2.40 screen. I found no significant difference, in video display, between the two justifying a 12x cost difference. I would also note that I had difficulty with the AudioQuest/Sony connection in respect to the Sony properly activating the HDR metadata. With the Monoprice, I had none!

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