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The monoblocs have been burning in nicely through the holidays. The synergy with the Quatro Wood CT is well nigh perfect. The insight the combo gives me into my music, especially in the midrange, is enchantingly addictive. The bass foundation is simply tremendous. Organ notes below 60Hz especially flourish through these amps. Mid-bass thwacks are visceral. Music has propulsive pace and rhythm. The overall sound is simply more immersive and intimate.

The Benchmark AHB2 I was using in my system before gave me enormous insight into what was in my music collection compared to my old Classe CA-2200. It remains a valued component in my possession. As such, I'm searching for a good pair of speakers for it.

The M5-HPAs realize the full potential of my system with my Quatros and give me a smooth yet detailed sound that is to me enchanting.
Primary System (Always in flux):
Analog Source: Rega RP10
Phono Preamp: Bryston BP2/PS3
Digital Software: Roon, Tidal Streaming
Digital Music Server: Melco N1A/2
Digital Sources: Totaldac d1-twelve SE MkII (factory upgraded from MKI) with "live power" 4 output power supply, Oppo UDP-205
Preamplifier: Rogue Audio RP-9 (factory upgraded from RP-7)
Amplifier: Vandersteen M5-HPA
Speakers: Vandersteen Quatro Wood CT w/IsoAcoustics Gaia 1 feet
Cabling: WW Platinum Starlight 7 digital wires, Totaldac Gigafilter USB filter, AQ Sky XLR, AQ Fire RCA
Speaker Cables: AudioQuest Oak spades ---> bi-wire spades
Power Cables: Esprit PC (for DAC), 2 WW Platinum Electra PC (Preamp/Phono Preamp), AQ NRG10 (Melco N1A/2), AQ Blizzard (Quatro Wood CT built-in subs)
Power Conditioning: 2 AQ Niagara 1000, 3 Oyaide R1 outlets
Sound Treatments: 23 ASC Tube Traps and 10 Panels
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