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Default serious stereo ... the controversy

Originally Posted by kev313 View Post
I'd like to hear these. I've enjoyed many 2a3 based amps over the years - Fi, Wright, Welborne. For whatever reason, I thought I heard that the parts quality was pedestrian - Hammond iron etc. I haven't followed that controversy at Audio Asylum for years tho, so my memory could be off.
The OPT are custom wound by Magnaquest.

The wiring is Siltech and tubes are EML 2A3's.

The cathodes are bypassed by multiple bundles of expensive caps.

I think the power transformer is a Hammond, but perhaps that changed.

Not sure how it all adds up to $15k per set of amps, but someone is buying them or Dennis would be out of the tube amp business.

As far as the controversy regarding Serious Stereo, it still exists on the other audio forums.

There are a lot of engineering types who like to police things that don't conform to standard electronic practices.

The discussions can get a bit heated on those tube forums.

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