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Originally Posted by deathtube667 View Post
The website suggests that optional finishes are available for the speakers. The signal circuit is basically a 7B4 directly coupled to 2A3 with a series feed SE OPT. Dennis uses a low DCR/low Z power supply and over the top $$$ parts and wiring. Apparently, these amps have been refined over a few decades since he built the first set. I tried to do a very low budget industrial grade version of a similar circuit on a breadboard and it has turned out really good so far. But I also employed a robust DC filament supply for the 2A3, something I prefer over AC heating. I will caution that these type of amps are for high EF speakers for best results.
I'd like to hear these. I've enjoyed many 2a3 based amps over the years - Fi, Wright, Welborne. For whatever reason, I thought I heard that the parts quality was pedestrian - Hammond iron etc. I haven't followed that controversy at Audio Asylum for years tho, so my memory could be off.
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