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Question serious stereo 2A3

Originally Posted by kev313 View Post
Surprising. It's hard to make 2a3 and altecs sound bad. Not for everyone I suppose. It's definitely low on the bling scale.

I'd like to hear his 2a3 amps. They do attract controversy. I always suspected it was due to the price. The speakers...well....well executed 604s are pretty good. Bad ones are pretty bad.
The website suggests that optional finishes are available for the speakers.

The signal circuit is basically a 7B4 directly coupled to 2A3 with a series feed SE OPT.

Dennis uses a low DCR/low Z power supply and over the top $$$ parts and wiring.

Apparently, these amps have been refined over a few decades since he built the first set.

I tried to do a very low budget industrial grade version of a similar circuit on a breadboard and it has turned out really good so far.

But I also employed a robust DC filament supply for the 2A3, something I prefer over AC heating.

I will caution that these type of amps are for high EF speakers for best results.

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