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New power tubes! My friend sent me some 6ez5 Sylvania tubes. They are supposed to be drop in replacements for 6v6 tubes. I'm now using an active preamp so my comparisons with previously used tubes are not going to be completely comparable but these seem to be noticeably warmer than the Sylvania 7c5 (6v6). I'm using the Sylvania tall bottle JAN 6sl7 and the tone is delicious. I dare say this combo is giving me the prototypical "tube sound" of being warm and a slightly loose bottom end. Guitars, acoustic or electric, sound amazing as does piano. Bass heavy music can get a little wooly.

Interestingly I can use these with a 5u4g rectifier without getting the orange glow like I was with the 7c5. You can get these tubes for $5 a piece, well worth it!
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