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Evaluating my output tubes on deep bass, for extension, definition and volume the KT88, KT120 and KT150 are the best in both my KT88 HO and PSE amps. I have some cuts with very low piano and string bass notes and I listen to hear the strings vibrating, clarity and fullness. With some tubes these passages the strings sound fuzzier and rolled off. With some tubes the higher mid-bass notes are overly prominent, tubby and forward.

My speakers have dual 9" woofers and go down strong to 32Hz with some output down into the low 20s.

My SS amps are even better on deep bass, going down deep with even better dynamics and definition. I don't consider deep bass to be the forte of a SE tube amp. I am satisfied if the SE amp can be reasonably good on bass while producing a glorious midrange and big, open natural presentation.
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