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The uber long thread of >6500 posts contains hundreds of posts from people telling of their tube rolling experiences.

On my KT88 HO extra hyped up Inspire, which produces 15-17 wpc instead of the standard 12, I like the big tubes best. KT88, KT120 and KT150. With some of the smaller, lower output tubes, they sounded strained and even harsh. 6F6, 6V6, and 6P3S-e all sounded harsh. To the point of where it was a pain to listen to them.

The KT88, KT120 & KT150 have the most neutral presentation, with a natural smooth sound but not overly warm. Good treble without being harsh. Good extended bass. All three sounded very similar. After a lot of comparisons, I decided I liked the KT120 best. I think.

Likewise for using a 6SL7. Extremely detailed and forward. Also tried a 6BX7 but didn't like it.

I have a number of 6SN7 which I like very much. The best of them create a wide, open soundstage with pleasant midranges and fairly strong, defined bass.

For a warmer, more bluesy sound, kinda a warm nightclub-like presentation, I like 1960s Sylvania fat bottle 6CA7s. Smaller soundstage, but warm & pleasant. Tried the new production EH 6CA7, they sounded overly warm and fuzzy. Less high frequency detail. Sounded like I set tone controls to bass +2 and Treble to -2.

For a punchier, edgier sound, which was still not harsh, I liked the new Gold Lion KT66. Electric guitars sounded a bit rawer. Horns had a little more bite, but just a shade. These can sound great on rock music.
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