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I've been loving the Sylvania brown based 6sl7wgt with the 6ar6 tubes. An amazing combo. Thinking about what that 6sl7 had brought to the other tubes I figured it wouldn't work with the el38 tubes.

I was right. That combo was very clear, almost ethereal sounding but it lacked low end and felt flighty.

Finally got the 7c5 adapters and put in some NOS Sylvania clear 7c5 tubes with the Sylvania 6sl7wgt and wow. No, it didn't exhibit the hifi pyrotechnics of the 7n7/el38 combo or the weighty and warm presentation of the 7n7/6ar6 but I think the 6v6 tubes brought the most balanced sound I've heard from this amp. The entire spectrum high to low felt well represented. It is just ever so slightly warm but I think has that magic tube-type of neutrality.

If you can live with the 4 watts or so they give you should definitely try some old 6v6 tubes. I haven't done any direct comparisons but these Sylvania sound very much like the black glass Ken Rad 6v6s I used before. Even the really sought after 6v6 tubes aren't all that expensive, 7c5 even less. Check them out!

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