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Originally Posted by joey_v View Post
Good review!
Aside from bass and blackness, anything else?
Thanks, I'll have to do additional listening. At this point I won't say that there's a night and day difference between the Classic 2 and the HW-40, but I think most of us know once you start getting into this league we are talking incremental improvements. I believe the Classic 2 listed at 4k when it was last sold, I certainly wasn't expecting 4x better sound. If I can find a great deal on a 2M Black stylus I'd be happy to do a comparison between the two tables, I even have a 3D arm I can install on the Classic for a more evenly matched comparison.

Also, keep in mind the Soundsmith cart is a factor here as well, I think there are just too many variables in play to definitively say which differences the table/arm combo made vs the Paua mk2 compared to the 2M Black. I don't know what the "standard" HW-40 table will retail for when it comes out, but even if it is $5k less similarly equipped with a 12" fatboy (which is most likely a huge stretch) I still won't have an ounce of regret on this purchase.

This falls into the "doesn't affect the sound" category, but I put some more time on the table last night after my post and the looks, the push button startup and even the arm rest compared to the Classic are just so luxurious. It's kind of like flying first're getting to the same destination as everyone else, just in more comfort.
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