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Hi Gerard,

I would say the two power cords you have to choose from are comparable for that application. The same would be true for your 37 CD drive. If the 37 is used as a transport only, the Delta NR could be a lower cost consideration as well.

CD players, DAC's and pre-amps are sensitive to better DTCD (Dynamic Transient Current Delivery), so larger gauge in a power cord matters in terms of performance. For read-only, streaming, digital-signal output devices, gauge matters less and noise reduction matters more. The NR series have broader-band filtration and are pre-conditioned with the KPIP process, which are advances that allow less expensive NR models like Delta and Alpha to outperform their price-point. You can't go wrong with the Sigma Digital either though, so in terms of performance for your listed applications, you have two exceptional options.

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