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Originally Posted by Jerome W View Post
Actually Serge I think that you may well be very impressed by a nudie of the Gat. The quality of construction and the parts are very impressive.
Anyway, what makes the price looking "normal" is mostly its sound. I have seen quite a few of KX-R, C1000, ARC REF, Pass, Lamm, Nagra preamps for sale.
Try to find a used GAT for sale : they do not appear often.
This preamp is spectacular. I personally have owned like you quite a few high end preamps. The GAT beats them all.
I am happy I got mine at a used and friendly price.
Jerome, also have to consider the actual units sold.. No doubt Ayre, ARC, McIntosh sell many more units, therefore you will see many more floating out there as the audiophiles chase the next object of desire. I don’t doubt the GAT2 sounds great as do many tube and SS preamps but we both know that in a serious A/B listening session there are much more affordable products that would impress to no lesser degree once our “emotional” part of the buying aspect is put aside and only our ears are allowed to make the selection. It’s the pitfall of high end audio and the feeling of belonging to a certain camp or being partial and loyal to a particular brand that gets in the way of a rational purchase of audio gear. Am i wrong??

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