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I used to be a cable skeptic. I could easily hear a difference between copper wireworld IC cables and silver plated. The silver seemed to bring out the high frequencies , the music sounds brighter as if the treble was turned up. Balanced cables give me a blacker background as well vs RCA cables. I am not sure about power cords though because the cables bringing power to my stereo are standard in-wall wire and the internals of the components are super expensive either so I am not sure why having 2-3 feet of expensive power cord in-between would make a significant difference. I have a ppp power conditioner, I could not hear any difference when I added this vs going direct to the wall but I keep it as a serge protector. I did hear a difference when my amps. were plugged into a Panamax serge protector , the bass was diminished when plugged into it so I non longer use that in my stereo. There are others here who swear they can hear differences and I have no problem with it. This is a hobby so what ever makes you feel good and gives you pleasure... Go For It
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