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Originally Posted by Masterlu View Post
Dan... very glad to know you are enjoying your new Stillpoints Ultra Mini’s.
Ivan.......Thank you. I was surprised they arrived a day early. Nice surprise.

It is amazing that such small devices can produce such profound audible improvements in a sound system. Over and over I have discovered the Stillpoints Ultra Mini's advantages are cumulative. Certain aspects of a system's sound simply gets better and better as additional isolation footers are added to audio components.

I expected I might have to really pay close attention to hear any differences the Ultra Mini's delivered when placed under the MC75's, especially since I already had four other sets of Ultra Mini's installed in the system. Not so, not in the least. The focus, stability, and accuracy of instruments and voices spread across the soundstage immediately became clearer. Dynamic attacks such as drum strikes and piano hammers hitting the strings grew more intense without gaining any glare. Deep bass feels more intense, thicker. There is no imagination required to realize what has developed in a system's sound when Stillpoints are added. I am glad I made the decision to add the Ultra Mini's under the MC75's. Worth every penny, nickle, dime, and quarter.

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