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Hi Howard, thank you for your thoughtful post!

I have considered going with one of the higher-powered "X" class amps to get a taste of the pass labs sound world outside of the beautiful XA30.5 I heard a few months back, and it might be the way to go for me.

Unfortunately, RenoHiFi is the closest dealer to me in North Texas and would have to coordinate with them, so it will add a bit of time and shipping expense to my experimentation.

I see that you have the XS stack - I'm jealous! Would love to hear it sometime if I ever find myself back in Florida (Orlando native here!).

I might go for a used X350.5 to wet my whistle and to keep expenses low - I prefer a 'warmer', perhaps slightly euphoric presentation anyways.

Thanks for your advice! Will keep you guys apprised!
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