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You're used to listening to high powered Class A/B amps. Unless you've heard the XA 60.8's and/or the XA 100.5's and fell in love with them, I'd recommend going for the X350.8.

Here's why: Yes, there is something "magical" about the Class A sound, but not everyone appreciates it and it's mostly magical on jazz and male and female vocals. The XA 100.5's were discontinued over 2 years ago. The XA 60.8's are nice amps but they're not super powerful. Unless you want to spend more and go for a larger pair of XA or XS monoblocks, you might find the decrease in power from your current amps to be noticeable - just because 60 watts per channel is "enough" doesn't mean it will light your fire, based on what your listening preferences are.

Just my opinion, but I am quite familiar with the Pass Labs amps from the various lines, and I'm a bit of a rocker myself. I love the Class A sound, but I believe I'd choose the XA 350.8 over the XA 60.8's or XA 100.5's. They are really, really good!
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