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I have been considering my options for inserting the opticalModule into my network. I am trying to determine which of the two connections will be least likely to offset any gains I might realize from isolating my Upsampler using that short run of fiber optic cable between my switch and the opticalModule.

Currently all of my "network" devices (Modem, wireless router, Small Green Computer i5 and switch) are located in a upstairs closet. I have 50' run of Ethernet (which I could shorten a bit) from the switch to my dCS Upsampler in my lower level 2-channel room.

When the opticalmodule arrives tomorrow I can either place the optical module 1 foot away from the optical connection on the switch. In theory that will be isolated from the network noise "but" will that long run of ethernet potentially add back in any noise.

The second option is to insert my older non optical switch in the closet and move the optical switch downstairs close to my Upsmapler after the long run of ethernet. The long run of ethernet would connect to the switch then the output of the switch would be a short run of optical to the opticalModule and then a very short run of ethernet to the Upsampler.
This option adds another switch into the mix which "could" add noise.

The only other option might be to leave the optical switch in the closet then using a long run of optical cable down to the opticalModule placed near the Upsampler.


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