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Default Helping My Brother Assemble A Very Modest Audio System

My older brother, who lives in Denver, called a few days ago to announce, that after many years of Bose Wave Radio use and later the Apple Home Pod infatuation, that he wanted to get back into having a stereo system. "Like the old days" he says. Since he lives in Colorado, I'm pretty sure he's been hitting some iteration of gummies, which accounts for this renewed interest, but I digress.

After a trip to Magnolia, he called back a bit disconcerted that prices of audio gear have gone up since the early 1970's.

Being the generous guy I am, I agreed to ship him a pair of Klipsch WF-35 speakers that I'm no longer using and also a Marantz PM 8003 IA that was also collecting dust. This freed him up to order a matching Marantz CD 6006 and also the Marantz TT 15S1 turntable, which many of you know comes with the Clearaudio Virtuoso MM cartridge.

I'll do my best to culture this budding audiophile. Perhaps some McIntosh kit might be in his future as well as a better pair of speakers.

For my part, I'm just glad to have thinned the herd and free up some room.

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