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It is turned down!!!!

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Originally Posted by Puma Cat View Post
I think the problem may be with the Orbi network, Jim. Any info if an Eero mesh network will work better?

BTW, its very clear that mesh networks don't play nice with a range of networked devices. Ring says that their Video Doorbell basicially do not work well mesh WiFi networks, they recommend a Wifi Extender instead, e.g., a TP-Link, etc.
i agree that it could be the Netgear Orbi mesh network. Everything else works so well with great coverage that I am a bit reticent to change over to something else just for a small improvement in audio SQ. What Orbi support could never explain is why I needed to add a switch in the first place when the Orbi Router and satellites have enough ports to do job in the first place.

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