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Apple TV through the home cabled right and plugged into switches and distribution. All switches powered by LPS, including the modems and distribution done right as well - what a difference!
Power Conditioning, Filters & Switch: Nordost QRT Power Product Line, Furutech GTX-D NCF/GTX 105D, 20 AMP Dedicated w/Surge Protection, AQVox SE switch, Keces LPS P3’s & P8 w/Nordost AC power and Ghent DC cables for Gigafoil v4, modem, routers, switches & Stillpoints.
Cables, Isolation, Room Treatment: Nordost Supreme Reference (Odin) Distribution, Reference Line (Valhalla 2) Components and Speakers, Ansuz C2, HRS M3X Platforms & Damping Plates. Stillpoint’s Ultra 6/SS and Vicoustic Room Treatments
Power & Sound: D’Agostino Pre-Amplifier to D’Agostino Momentum Mono’s driving Wilson Alexia’s
Source and Digital: Aurender N10, Brinkmann Nyquist MKII
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