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Originally Posted by mulveling View Post
That's the nicest looking VPI I've ever seen, and probably the first I'd consider owning since the Aries 3 / HR-X days. Quite beautiful. There's pics of another one with Rosewood sides, and without the lame "Anniversary" font, that looks even better. That said, the VPI lineup has been in flux and (to me) seems confusing over the last several years.
I was hopeful it'd make it into the lineup as a non-LE product, but the Fremer article states VPI bought 400 motors to make 400 tables. I have a Classic 2 in the piano black 3 plinth and it's a great match for my Mac gear. Not that I don't like the looks of the HW-40, but a direct drive in a piano black plinth would be a great combo for me. Considering the Fatboy it already a $4,000 arm, I think 15k is pretty reasonable. I suspect this will sell out quickly.
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