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Originally Posted by ctsooner View Post
RLF, which do you listen to more, the C-5xeMP or serving your redbook through your N10/PS Audio?
I listen to my N10/DAC 95% of the time due to the convenience of having my my main music library at my fingertips via my iPad. That being said, I have over 130 SACDs which of course I play on the Ayre.

Originally Posted by AudioGremlin View Post
RLF, I've got just 20 hours in so far and its already well ahead of my Ayre 7. Looking forward to the improvements yet to come. I never ever thought I'd be listening to less vinyl but thats just whats happening. We've had a unusually warm spell of weather here thats made tube based listening quite uncomfortable but now its cooling off I will get a lot more hours in.
It is indeed a very special player thats already swayed a very pro vinyl listener. You're right it is a classic.
I'm glad to hear that. When I first home auditioned my dealer's C-5 as well as a few other players including a more expensive Esoteric, I chose the Ayre as I found that it offered something special back then and still does. It's a really great player in my opinion.
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