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When those Beta's left here, they sounded fine. I had seven sets at one time and that set was bought from a dealer and were new in the boxes. None the less, the woofers had been refoamed by Bill Legall at Miller Sound with the accelerometers checked. The woofer towers were rewired with dual strands of 11ga Cardas Litz wire just in case the original monster wire had oxidized. The original was not oxygen free. The mid/high panels and were checked and in great shape. The magnets had been replaced on the EMIM's and the drivers recalibrated for the proper gauss. Then they were connected to an MC602 for the mid/high panels and a pair of MC1201's for the woofer towers. I compared them to my IRS V's and the Beta's sounded very good and played quite well.

Having said that, I would suspect the amplifier prototypes could use a bit of work. Since the Beta's are 4ohm speakers, the amps may have some trouble at the higher listening level. The Mac amps didn't even get warm. The concept of a tube solid state hybrid amp sounds good, the MC2301's are an example of how good they can sound. I am sure that PS Audio is working on the improvements. Designing and building the hybrid amps is probably quite challenging to the engineers.

None the less, I agree with Ivan. For an event like RMAF, spares would have been nice. I would be willing to bet they take spares the next time.
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