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Originally Posted by crwilli View Post
Marc, I have read other views that share your opinion. I know you said you think it was the Amplifiers but what was 'off' in your opinion? I am truly interested to understand more about how people today react to the Betas or even, how they compare to some of the speakers on the market today. Craig
Well the main problem is that the tone seemed a little bit "nasal" sounding. There were other aspects that sounded quite good. The highs sounded airy, there was good soundstaging. But it was turned down very low, which resulted in very little bass. I wanted to hear that bass! I asked them to turn it up and they got nervous. I was thinking "why would they have it so low, and why would they be nervous about turning it up?" I wasn't asking for them to blow the walls down.

So Paul turned it up a few notches. It was still not "loud". Just louder than before. About one minute later, the amp's protection circuit kicked in. Paul started to explain that the amp on the left was a prototype, but the one on the right wasn't- it was representative of what the final product would be. But it was the one on the right that tripped! He said that it had it's protection tuned to be on the cautious side because it was used as a test mule.

That confused the hell out of me...was it a prototype or not? Anyway, regardless, if it couldn't handle being turned up to even moderate levels, it should have been left home, and some other amp brought in. It just wasn't a good showing.

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