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Originally Posted by custodian View Post
I'm a great fan of the Pioneer Kuro plasmas. My Kuro KRP600m is still producing a great picture. Late last year we had a flood at home when one of the winter storms hit. The Kuro was off the wall, resting on the floor since I'd just bought a Samsung OLED to replace it. Unfortunately the bottom 2" of the Kuro were underwater for 12 hours!

I already had a buyer coming for the Kuro so obviously had to cancel that sale and I just put the Kuro in our storage unit to dry out with the other debris.

Ok, we got through 2 OLEDs in 2 months. Both had pixel issues and supplier exchanged the first and after the second we just got a refund.

We pulled the Kuro out of storage and tried it. Picture perfect and continues to work just fine. I've decided with that quality and reliability, I'm just going to stick with it!
Nice story. I think that's what I'm doing also, keeping my Kuro as long as possible. At the shootout, I understand the calibrators couldn't get the LG OLED to yield an accurate gamma, which is why they voted for the Samsung OLED as their top pick. LG is about to come out with 4K OLED; it will be interesting to see the results of that.
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