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Huh. I'll have to figure out pic posting.

Johnbr, it is indeed unfortunate it is not available in Canada. On Revel Salon 2s, the SB-301 IMO absolutely smoked the Levinson 532H in terms of bass weight and slam, and dynamics (I might slightly prefer the Levinson for "small" acoustic or jazz combo music, but the Plinius sounds much faster and hits above its weight class.

As I posted on another thread in this brand section, it took a pair of Symphonic Line Kraft 250 monos to root the SB-301 out of my system. And I would say that the SB-301 shares many of the same qualities the Kraft 250s provide, albeit not to the same extent. That's pretty strong praise when a $10K or so amp can be compared to $30K monos!
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