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Originally Posted by 2fastdriving View Post
The author of the article that is linked mentions that he heard improvements with Synergistic Research tweaks like the dots and the atmosphere, but when he bought them he didn't think they did anything.

I think this is proof that the power of suggestion is much greater than we realize. I've been to SR demos and I've heard some improvements too. However I don't buy those products because I personally don't see how a magic dot or a magic box can bring any improvement. He's a nice guy and I'm not bashing anything, I just don't get it. My opinion only.

But I think our expectations and the power of suggestion play a major role in our perceived improvements in any tweak.

Over time I've come to realize that NO "tweak" by itself is a game changer or mind blowing improvement. It's getting the basics right...the room, the setup, choosing quality gear that works together for what you are trying to achieve. That's 99% of the battle.

To piggyback what Marc said about the Synergistic dot demo at RMAF 2018......I was able to hear a difference when he took the system in and out of the chain....I thought it sounded better without.

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