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I installed the SVSound Soundpath Subwoofer isolation system on my Paradigm Seismic 110 and have been satisfied with the results. No more floor shaking to muddy up the SQ.
Amps: PS Audio IV preamp (passive), Hafler Transnova P3100, Doge preamp, Antique Sound Lab AQ-1004 Sources: Sony UHD Blu-ray/DVD, Apple iMac, Tidal, Pure Music, Schitt Eitr DAC: Eastern Electric Minimax Plus w/ Burson V6 Classic discrete op amps Speakers: Paradigm S1 v.3 on Paradigm stands, Seismic 110 Subwoofer, PBK-1 Cables: Wireworld Silver Eclipse interconnects and speaker cables Power: Wireworld Silver Electra, Matrix power extender, cruzeFIRST Maestro outlet Accesseries: Stillpoints, SVS Subwoofer Feet
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