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Originally Posted by fjn04 View Post
Alberto-Thanks much. If I may steal your saying, your TD125 II
looks quite JUICY. Are you running the Clearaudio Maestro MM
direct in to your Shindo pre MM input's. Wasn't sure which cart
you were using...?
I use two carts, both MM because there's something in MCs that does not agree with me. For records in good shape, I use the $1K Clearaudio Maestro, for some of my older records or records in less than perfect shape, I use the inexpensive, but still wonderful, AudioTechnica 440MLA ($100-200.) I also use the cheaper AT when I am doing non-critical listening, I feel better not paying too much attention when I am not wearing down a $1K stylus :-).

I've done a video review of the humble AT440mla a few years ago. I still stand by it 100%. Especially with the Shindo gear amplifying it.

Both go into the Monbrison's MM input - I just swap headshells on the SME, one of the wonderful advantages of having a removable headshell.

If I could not change headshells I'd be, like you, looking for another turntable.


[ame=]Audio Technica AT440mla - Review of Moving Magnet Cartridge - YouTube[/ame]
Sources: Thorens TD125 ii + SME 3009 + Clearaudio Maestro, McIntosh MDA1000 + MCD201, Sonos
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