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Originally Posted by adhesiv View Post
As i boxed up my Monbrison to send out for a checkup I started to think about what Shindo move I would make next given the opportunity.

Currently my system of Monbrison, Montille, Devore 9's, and Transporter (source) have made me a Shindo fan. I've been thinking about my musical tastes (Classic Rock, Newer Rock, Vocals, and Acoustic Jazz) and source preference (digital mainly due to content) and was wondering what would be the next logical and best sounding upgrade. I also just purchased a Metrum Octave DAC to improve my front end.

If going the Amp route my thoughts were to consider a Cortese or CCQ.

If going the Preamp route my thoughts were to consider a Masseto or VR.

Since i'm not really taking advantage of the analog benefits of the preamp (yet) and will likely continue to focus on my digital content library my gut tells me the amp would be the right move.

Based on my musical preferences (artists can be provided) what is the recommended amp type to look for (higher power, push-pull type or lower power, SET type) or does it matter? The Devore 9s are not inefficient but they're not O96 efficient.

Just looking for food for thought from my favorite forum. This isn't a near term plan but more a future thought process or wish list planning although those used wares from Serge are looking mighty tempting.
I'd definitely focus on an amp and/or even consider a speaker upgrade before ditching the Monbrison. It's a terrific pre-amp and I think you'll definitely get more bang-for-the-buck elsewhere. As for Shindo amps, the Cortese unfortunately isn't a good match (Nines do love power).
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