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Default Still in love -“Ultima”-tely

15 years ago this month, I acquired my Revel Ultima system: two Studios (left and right main channels), a Voice (center channel), and two Embraces (rear channels). Subsequently, I have added two more Embraces (side channels) and two Sub-30 (subwoofers). Over the years, I have had to replace mid-range transducers in my right Studio and Voice (at separate times) and have the plate amplifier in my left Sub-30.

To this day, I have continued to be delighted with these speakers. They look great (and unique — high gloss black with aluminum side panels), and they sound terrific (i.e., they have no sonic signature that I can detect).

For some unfathomable reason, Revel Ultimas don’t seem to have received anywhere near the respect they deserve, which is a shame. Other high end speakers may be far more costly, but they certainly aren’t far better.
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