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Originally Posted by daveneumann View Post
..that unique ability of tubes to hang notes in the air with a more natural development and decay...
I tagged along with a buddy who was a self-declared wine enthusiast to 'tastings'. We'd swirl, sniff, slosh with the rest of the attendees, then listen to the vineyard's rep spew all sorts of glorious high-falutin descriptive phrases about what our experience should be, while all I could conclude is that I liked beer better.

I have a Pass INT-250, so I suppose I have a 'total Pass Labs electronics system' (my sole source is an Esoteric CD player and I have B&W 803 D2's, the last of their drop dead gorgeous cabinetry (IMO).

I can't speak to your question because you and I operate at different levels, but I WILL confirm that, should any audio enthusiast desire to have a manufacturer who is responsive and knowledgeable and appreciative of their customers, there cannot be ANYONE who excels beyond the bar that Kent at Pass sets each and every day.

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