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Originally Posted by Formerly YB-2 View Post
Even that may not be good enough for one volume control. For instance, my wife likes to listen much more loudly that I do.
For listening to movies you might be happy with something like the AKG Y50BT, which has built-in volume control. Set at a moderate level for both of you. After that you will each have your own volume control on the AKGs. Plus, they have Bluetooth aptX communication, which works well if you want to go wireless.

Can't agree more with Ivan. The Bryston BHA-1 is a great sounding/performing headphone amp.

I really like the idea. Only problem is we already purchased headphones. The more I think about it the more I think we should both definitely have independent volume control. But then this opens a whole can of worms. 1. There is only one headphone down mix out of my Bryston SP4. 2. I then need to buy to headphone Amps.
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