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Originally Posted by Mikado463 View Post
given the respectable discount offered off msrp they are still a bargain IMO.
True. A careful and patient shopper can buy these for near dealer cost and certainly score a mint pair for half price as Rex already mentioned. There is absolutely nothing on the market that can compete for performance and integrity of design at the actual price a consumer can obtain these for even when new and especially when gently used.

I don't think they're ugly, rather purposeful and straight forward. The finish on mine is excellent and has stayed that way. You don't get unnecessary doodads, or an outrageous visual statement. All the money is on the inside and in the engineering, which is just fine by me. I'm not buying a sculpture and prefer form that follows function instead of the inverse. They look exactly like what they are; a fine pair of loudspeakers, not an abstract of a sea creature or the Eiffel Tower. More importantly, every exterior feature and shape, especially the baffle, is there for a reason.

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