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Arrow Magnepan 30.7 Loudspeaker

Robert started a thread on "Prototype Maggies", but now that the model has been confirmed and named the 30.7s I'd like to start a new thread dedicated to this very promising new dipole.

Here are some early thoughts on the 30.7s by Jacob Heilbrunn and Jonathan Valin from The Absolute Sound: link.

Some highlights from the first blog post (several are forthcoming):
  • The 30.7 represents an attempt by Magnepan to build upon and surpass the legendary Tympani IVa, an elaborate six-panel design.
  • Four-panel (two panels per side), line-source, ribbon/quasi-ribbon loudspeaker system of considerable width (a little under four feet across per side!), height (about six-and-a-half feet), and just a couple of inches in depth.
  • Cost: $29,000 per pair
  • Release: January 2018
  • Full review by TAS forthcoming.
  • Jonathan Valin: the 30.7s are "the best íPan Iíve ever heard (and, once again, Iíve heard them all) and the best buy in an ultra-high-end loudspeaker Iíve ever come across."

I certainly love the sound of my 20.7s and these 30.7s look like the logical next step, but at 4 feet wide per channel I just don't have the room to place these behemoths in my listening room.

Having said that, never say never and I'll be looking to audition these Maggies in 2018.

Looking forward to reading comments from all Maggie lovers and Tympani fans.
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