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Thanks Ivan!
It's all about the Music, but I sure like the way my gear makes it come alive!

Main Rig > Audio Research LS17SE - MS Phonomena II+ (mono Arm), Phonomena II+ (stereo Arm) updated Aragon 4004 MkII(2) (Bass panels, and Subs), Quicksilver M60 MonoBlocks (EL34L Blue bottle) (midrange panels) Quicksilver Mini Mono Blocks (Svetlana EL34) (Ribbons) Beringer DCX2496 (analog outputs/power supply upgrades by Selectronic of France) - NHT X1 Crossovers, Clearaudio Solution w/Master Solution upgrades/Audiomods Series 5/ZYX R100 Yatra, Jelco 750L/Ortofon 2m Mono, Sony SCD-XA5400ES SACD, Teac A4300 R2R, Dell Laptop w/Meridian Explorer DAC, Maple Framed Magnepan MGIIIa(tri-amped), NHT W2 Sub(2)
Vintage > Yamaha C70 preamp, Yamaha T70 Tuner, Acurus A200, Modified Thorens TD160/Project 9CC/Ebony nude Denon DL103, Thorens TD125MkII/ClearAudio Verify CF/Shelter 501 II, Marantz SA8003 SACD, Yamaha NS690 MkI
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